WELA is devoted to the promotion of employee rights. We believe that this is most effectively done through an organization of attorneys who are similarly devoted. Therefore, membership in WELA is available to any Washington attorney whose employment-related legal representation is at least 75% on behalf of employees. Student members must merely certify that they subscribe to the purpose of promoting the rights of employees.
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Benefits of Membership

WELA members are entitled to participate in an internet-based electronic discussion group, or "listserv," that provides almost instant feedback to questions and thoughts related to employment law. This is a terrific way to keep on top of the latest developments in the law, new defense tactics, judges, and recent jury attitudes.

The WELA ALERT is a monthly newsletter that highlights the month's new appellate court decisions as well as other news useful to WELA members. Members may report on their recent victories and defeats, as well as advertise for new employees.

WELA publishes its Membership Directory on an annual basis. This directory includes contact information about every WELA member, as well as information about the areas of practice of each member. The membership directory is a great resource for employees who are looking for an attorney whether by practice area, geographical area, or by name.

WELA sponsors short programs on a regular basis. These programs are presented free of charge. For a list of upcoming programs, see the Upcoming Events Page.

Once a year, WELA presents a full-day CLE devoted to the cutting-edge issues facing plaintiff's employment lawyers. The seminar is typically held at the Woodmark Hotel in Kirkland, Washington. This seminar is always extremely high in educational quality, and wins the award for "best CLE food," as well. To see the program for our next CLE, see the Upcoming Events Page.

WELA is very active in providing amicus briefs on issues that affect workers in Washington. In the past several years, we have weighed in on every Washington State Supreme Court case interpreting employment law, as well as many cases in the State Court of Appeals and the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, by either submitting an amicus brief or assisting the plaintiff's attorney in presenting his or her argument.

Members of WELAhave worked with many professionals in preparing and prosecuting their clients' cases. WELA collects contact and specialty information about experts for members' use.

By WELA members and for WELA members, we collect information about verdicts and settlements in employment cases.

WELA has collected links to a few other websites that may be useful to employees and their advocates, including the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the Washington State Human Rights Commission, and the Washington Department of Labor & Industries' Wage and Hour Standards pages.

WELA members can access, update, and edit their profiles directly through the website by clicking here. The membership directory is a great resource for employees who are looking for an attorney whether by practice area, geographical area, or by name.

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Washington Employment Lawyers Association's member benefits are extremely valuable to those of us who devote a significant part of our practices to employment law. Aside from the invaluable contact with those struggling with similar issues, WELA offers the following: