WELA began in spirit in the late 1980’s as an informal network of plaintiff employment lawyers. In 1994, WELA began to develop formal programs including its Amicus Curiae Committee and education programs. In 1996, WELA was incorporated as a Washington non-profit corporation, and has been growing ever since.

WELA’s Board of Directors consists of the four elected officers (Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary and Treasurer), the Immediate Past President and five appointed members. The appointed members serve as chairs of the Amicus, CLE, Programs, Membership Committees, Legislative, and Communications Committees as follows:

Chair > Beth Terrell
Vice Chair > Terry Venneberg
Secretary > Larry Kuznetz 
Treasurer > Sean Phelan

Amicus Committee > Jeffrey L. Needle, chair
     Michael Subit, Jesse Wing, Daniel Johnson, Toby Marshall, Lindsay Halm, and Joseph R. Shaeffer
CLE Committee > Teri Healy, Terry Venneberg, Denise Diskin and Laura Ewan
Programs and Social Events Committee > Beth Terrell, Teri Healy, Kevin Peck, and Reba Weiss
Membership Committee > Beth Terrell
Outreach, Advocacy, and Community Relations Committee > Beth Terrell, Hardeep Rekhi, and Andrea Scheele
Legislative Committee > Jesse Wing and Jeffrey L. Needle, co-chairs
     Andrea Schmitt, Hardeep Rekhi, Katherine C. Chamberlain, Toby Marshall, Brendan Donckers, Alex Higgins, and Kathy Barnard
Communications Committee > Daniel Johnson, chair
     Mark Rose, Elizabeth Hanley, and Greg Wolk
WELA Alert > Jeffrey L. Needle and Michael Subit, co-editors
     Sara Aimes
Public Relations > Vicky Vreeland, Daniel Johnson, Elizabeth Hanley, Greg Wolk
Immediate Past Chair > Kathleen Phair Barnard

To see our bylaws concerning officers, click here.

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Membership in WELA is available to any Washington attorney whose employment-related legal representation is at least 75% on behalf of employees. Student members must merely certify that they subscribe to the purpose of promoting the rights of employees.